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Opportunity: Request for Quote

Website designers are invited to submit a proposal that provides Kompany Family Theatre the necessary information to award a contract for the redesign of its website:
Proposals should be sent electronically to by Friday, March 27, 2015. Late proposals will not be accepted.

All interested designers are encouraged to submit proposals, however Kompany Family Theatre reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted. Questions concerning this RFP should be directed to consultant Communications Archer at

Kompany Family Theatre is looking for web developers that are exceptional at communicating with people that excel in their field – in our case theatre – but whom are not necessarily proficient with web development matters. We want to hire a web developer that can provide excellent and elegant solutions to issues and problems we have encountered, but that we can only articulate in lay language version 0.0.

Please click here to read the full KFTRequest4Quotes.

Workshop Development with Salisbury Comp.

Over the course of a month, the high-school drama class at Salisbury Comp spent six hours developing drama-based workshop skills with our professional artists. In these sessions they learned how to assist in leading issue-based games and get students actively engaging in discussion, and they also developed their own piece of sketch comedy to tackle a set of hard-hitting teen issues.

We all came together at the Sherwood Park expecting respect conference, where our company performed In True Pirate Fashion for an audience of Jr. High students. After the show, the Salisbury students helped to lead the younger participants through drama-based topical workshops and performed their skits as exemplars for what the Jr. High students were to create and perform as a final send-off!

For information about how we can tailor-make a mentorship program for your students/participants please contact us!

Edmonton Catholic Schools Wellness Symposium

Kompany Family Theatre has had the opportunity to help students in the Edmonton Catholic School District think about healthy lifestyles each year at their wellness symposium. Two of our professional performers lead the students, alongside a group of wellness experts, as they move through a circuit of workshops. The day culminates in a final set of drama-based workshops that examine the issues dealt with throughout the day.

This year’s drama workshops were focused on:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Healthy Choices Regarding Drugs & Alcohol

The day culminated in the creation of a music video, where the students choreographed what they had learned about stress management into several short phrases of dance, which then added up to a performance that accompanied Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

The Beaux Stratagem adapted by Thornton Wilder and Ken Ludwig

Kompany is proud to be co-producing this play with the Players De Novo and Victoria Composite School.

Players De Novo is a group of lawyers and Judges who perform in an annual fundraiser production to raise money for a local theatre company of their choice, and Victoria Composite School. Kompany is honoured to be involved this year, and Jan is excited to embark on the staging of this hilarious play.


A Camp Squealy-Moo Dinosaur Party


The Campers of Camp Squealy-Moo are back and this time they are working on getting their “I Really Dig Dinosaurs” badge! This highly interactive production is packed full of songs, stories and non-stop adventures of prehistoric proportions. Especially for very young audiences and families.

Runtime: 45 min Genre: Theatre for Young Audiences



Workshops, Special Events & Instruction

Workshop Facilitation

Kompany is proud of offer workshop facilitation for your next event. Our actors are trained in improvisation and drama activities to suit any topic, and have a great deal of facilitation experience.  We frequently provide this service to school conferences and child and youth camps. Energize your workshop content with excellent Facilitators and Emcees!

Special Events

Kompany is available for your next school/daycare party. Depending on your preferences, we will send out performers to guide your participants through drama games, activities, songs, and more. Themes are welcome, so let us know what you have in mind for your party!

Drama Instruction

Kompany can provide your group with Drama instructors. This is a service especially accessed by homeschool groups, but is available to any group looking to learn more about theatre and performance.

For more information on any of these special services, contact us!

The Wild Beastie Adventure


Join the campers at Camp Squealy Moo for their latest adventure, on a wild safari!
Join in as we earn our Wild Beastie Adventurer Badges, but remember…look out for the Squealy Moose!

Daycare Groups click here!

The Edmonton Fringe Festival, August 16 – 25
Join us at the Edmonton Fringe August 16th to 25th for daily performances! Performances times are listed below, and our special daycare pricing gives you 2-for-1 tickets for your children and supervisors are free!

FRINGE PERFORMANCES – Holy Trinity Anglican Church Upper Arts Space, 10037 84 Ave
Friday August 16th – 11AM
Saturday August 17th – 3PM
Sunday August 18th – 1:15PM
Monday August 19th – 11AM
Tuesday August 20th – 1:15PM
Wednesday August 21st – 1:15PM
Thursday August 22nd – 1:15PM
Friday August 23rd – 11AM
Saturday August 24th – 1PM
Sunday August 25th – 1:15PM

While visiting us at the Fringe, make sure you enjoy KidsFringe for free! Face painting, crafts, games and more.

For more information on The Wild Beastie Adventure, contact us!

Productions for Child Care Groups

Is your Child Care Group looking for a fun activity?

Come and see us at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival!  Kompany will be performing daily at the 2013 Edmonton Fringe, AND we offer special daycare pricing!

Squealy Moo Theatre Presents: The Wild Beastie Adventure

Join the campers at Camp Squealy Moo for their latest adventure, on a wild safari! Join in as we earn our Wild Beastie Adventurer Badges, but remember…look out for the Squealy Moose!


The Wild Beastie Tour, July 16 – August 31
Book your daycare or group for our upcoming tour around Greater Edmonton.
Performances available for a  fee of $150 in Edmonton and $200 outside of Edmonton.

The Edmonton Fringe Festival, August 16 – 25
Join us at the Edmonton Fringe August 16th to 25th for daily performances! Performances times are listed below, and our special daycare pricing gives you 2-for-1 tickets for your children and supervisors are free!

FRINGE PERFORMANCES – Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 10037 84 Ave
Friday August 16th – 11AM
Saturday August 17th – 11AM
Sunday August 18th – 1:15PM
Monday August 19th – 11AM
Tuesday August 20th – 1:15PM
Wednesday August 21st – 1:15PM
Thursday August 22nd – 11AM
Friday August 23rd – 1:15PM
Saturday August 24th – 11AM
Sunday August 25th – 1:15PM

Special Daycare pricing: Children $10/ticket, buy-one-get-one-free, Supervisors free of charge
While visiting us at the Fringe, make sure you enjoy KidsFringe for free! Face painting, crafts, games and more.


For more information on this offer for Daycare Groups, contact us!

From Zero to Hero

The campers at Camp Squealy-Moo need your help to get their “First Rate Hero” badges! Join them in this maximum energy, maximum fun and maximum participation storytelling marathon! But beware of the Squealy-Moose!

A new collective creation from the Squealy Moo Theatre Series. Professional actors mentor teen actors through the play creation, rehearsals and performances!

Direction: Jan Taylor
Created by: Jan Taylor, Alex D. Mackie, Jen Peebles, Sarah Jackson, Jayce McKenzie, Morgan Yamada, Ben Platten, Allyx Fortier, Devon Golde, Taylor Hicks

Ages: 3 – 7 and their families
Running time: 40 minutes

Fairly Scary Fairy Tales

The Campers at Camp Squealy-Moo need help to earn their Fairly-Scary-Fairy-Tale-Telling Badges. But beware of the Squealy Moose!

Fairly Scary Fairy Tales is a maximum energy, maximum participation and maximum fun show. Children will delight at barely recognizable, but scary, old favorites such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, and the Billy Goats Gruff.

Age Range: Preschool to Grade 2

Running Time: 40 minutes

Squealy Moo Theatre Series

Squealy Moo Theatre Series

The Squealy Moo Theatre Series is a series of special productions designed for the youngest of theatre enthusiasts.

These shows are:

  • never longer than 45 minutes
  • involve maximum audience participation
  • focus largely on storytelling
  • feature actors who are trained in interactive theatre for very young audiences.
  • $200 per performance in Edmonton
  • $225 per performance outside of Edmonton

The Squealy Moo productions are available for performances at daycares, libraries, hospitals, festivals, and anywhere else that children gather!

Another special quality of Squealy Moo Theatre is the creation process. Through our Teen Mentorship Programme, professional actors are teamed up with teens who have an interest in performance for young audiences. Working as a collective and with the guidance of Kompany Artistic Director Jan Taylor, the group creates the production and goes on to perform together, all within a mentorship environment.

For more information on our Squealy Moo Theatre Series, contact us!

Woof and Other Tales of Abigail past

Woof and Other Tales of Abigail

Abigail gets a new pet and sets about to train the perfect dog. The training doesn’t go quite as planned, but through a number of adventures, Woof and Abigail discover that they are perfect for each other.

Full of clowning, hilarious antics, music and fun, this play will delight kids from 3 to 103.

Written by Andrea Ritter
Directed by Jan Taylor
Design by Daniel van Heyst
Featuring Willie Banfield, Carolyn Gingrich and Colin Matty
Stage Managed by Glenndl Miguel


Tickets –  BUY ONE GET ONE FREE –  $10 each – Caregivers FREE!

This special offer is only available in advance so contact us now:
Call Jayce at (780) 292 1350

Friday AUGUST 17 – 1:00 PM
Saturday AUGUST 18 – 2:00 PM
Sunday AUGUST 19 – 3:00 PM
Tuesday AUGUST 21 – 1:00 PM
Wednesday AUGUST 22 – 1:00 PM
Thursday AUGUST 23 – 1:00 PM
Friday AUGUST 24 – 1:00 PM
Saturday AUGUST 25 – 3:15 PM
Sunday AUGUST 26 – 2:30 PM

Show length is approximately 60 minutes.


10037-84th Ave



The Missadventurous Perils of Pauline

The Missadventurous Merils of Pauline

While listening to an old radio show, eight year old Pauline is suddenly whisked away to the zany land of Serial Town which is under attack by the League of Evil Doers. Pauline, along with her trusty sidekick, Claude, must save Serial Town and find her way home before the evil doers prevail! Will she be able to save the town in time?

By Charlene Van Buekenhout
Direction: Jan Taylor
Design: Daniel Van Heyst
Music:  Randy Mueller
Construction: Reuben Mahaffy

A submission to the 2010 New Works Programme, The Missadventurous Perils of Pauline was performed at the 2010 Calgary and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, as well as the Kaleido Festival with Arts on the Ave. Thank you to all the families who came out to see Pauline!

Ho! Ho Ho!

Holly, Jingle and Jangle have been sent ahead to make sure everything is ready for “the boss”. Santa’s favourite elves sing, tell stories, dance and play until Christmas is brought together just in time for Santa’s arrival! This is a high energy show brimming with audience interaction. An excellent way to get ready for Christmas!

Bookings: Ho! Ho! Ho! is perfect for Christmas Parties and events for small children and families with small children.

In Edmonton: $700.00 + GST

Outside Edmonton (daytrip): $700.00 +GST + .40/km

Performance Requirements: Requirements are minimal – children seated on the floor in front, a flat performing space at least 20’ by 10’ and access to electrical outlets. This show has live music and includes sound equipment and an electronic keyboard.

Additional Entertainment: Kompany can also arrange for additional entertainment such as face painters, Santa, activity leaders (depending upon availability).

Kompany Family Theatre is dedicated to providing quality professional theatre for children and families. Performers for Ho! Ho! Ho!, and all our productions, are professional actors, singers and musicians specially trained in performing for children and families.

The Book of Jobes

The Book of Jobes


When bad things happen to good people

By Heidi Janz
Original music by Richard Link      Directed by Jan Taylor

The story of Rachel Jobes, a disabled scholar who loses her identity, but not her life, after a violent attack in her home. Based on Dr. Janz’s lived experience, this play deals with the archetypal question: “Why do bad things happen to ‘good’ people?” and the related question of whether or not suffering can, in any sense, be “redemptive?”

Kari Bell, Lori Biamonte-Mohacsy, Brian Copping, Alex D. Mackie, Daren Park & Rebecca Starr
And the New West Symphony & Chorus
** Lori Biamonte-Mohacsy and Rebecca Starr appear with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association
Stage Management Trent Crosby

The Book of Jobes is a co-production between Kompany Family Theatre, Lone Sparrow Productions, and Fire Exit Theatre.

Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 2:00 P.M.
Knopper’s Hall, Kings University College 9125 – 50 Street
Tickets $10.00 at the door
(Call 780-469-0814 for more info)

February 27 – March 3, 2013 at the Engineered Air Theatre in Calgary, AB
7:30PM nightly, 2PM on weekends
For tickets call (403) 640-4617 or email

The Wizard that Was, or Was Not…

The Wizard That Was, or Was Not...

Unless the ruling King and Queen successfully handover the throne of their beautiful Catalan Island Kingdom, it will disappear into the azure coloured sea forever. Will the Wizard’s magical blunders be reversed in time? Will the Prince ever return from hunting dragons? Will we find out the secret that will allow the Princess to recover from her mysterious illness? And will that old Granny ever stop talking?

Based on an unusual Majorcan folk tale, this delightful musical play
for children and families is full of imaginative characters,
memorable tunes and surprising twists.

A New Musical for Children and Families
Book and Lyrics by Jan Taylor
Music by Richard Link

Kindergarten to Grade 5
Running time: 50 minutes
Available winter 2012, dates TBA

Alberto the Dancing Alligator

Alberto the Dancing Alligator


What happens when a little girl gets a pet alligator for her birthday?! Why, she teaches him to tango, of course!

Join Alberto the Dancing Alligator as he embarks on an unforgettable adventure! Cheer on the circus rats, laugh with the joke-telling frogs, and watch Alberto escape the dangers that lurk under the city as he journeys home to his best friend and favorite dance partner.

Alberto the Dancing Alligator delighted children during sneak preview performances for schools and daycares in the Alberta Avenue neighborhood in June of 2008. The production then went on to enjoy sold out performances at the 2008 Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

This is an original musical based on the award-winning children’s story by Richard Waring. Book & lyrics are by local playwright Jan Taylor and music is by Richard Link formerly from Edmonton, now residing and working in London, England. Dramaturgy was conducted by Tracy Carroll. Over the 3 ½ year process of writing the play, many Edmonton artists have participated in its creation out of the goodness of their hearts and their love for quality children’s theatre including: Timothy J. Anderson, Christine Schultz, Mary Hulbert, Laura Raboud, David Cheoros, Jana O’Connor, Andrew MacDonald, Robert Markus, Chris Horobec, Lisa Pulak, Cyndi Zuby, Lynette Maurice and Brian Bast. Local organizations including Edmonton Musical Theatre, the Foote Theatre School at the Citadel, Theatre Alberta, and the Citadel Theatre also supported its creation.

Zachary and the Storytelling Stones

Zachary and the Storytelling Stones

By Kristen Finlay

Directed by Jan Taylor

A young boy stumbles upon ancient Storytelling Stones in the backyard of his new home that draw him into the magical world of a well-told tale.

Featuring The Tiger in the Well, How the Bear Got his Tail, The Monkey and the Crocodile, and Cricket and Cougar, Zachary and the Storytelling Stones is a charming collage of storytelling, puppetry, music and movement that will delight children and adults alike. This show compliments elementary school curriculum well, particularly language arts, music and visual art.

Age Range: Kindergarten to Grade 4

Running Time: 55 minutes