For Educators

Kompany Family Theatre has something for all grades and educational organizations…

  • Affordable, high quality touring productions.
  • Drama-based, topical workshops
  • In-class or full-school residencies & drama-based sessions for students.
  • Special event entertainment and activities.
  • Homeschool Classes & Workshops
  • Training for Educators interested in using drama-based activities or approaches as a teaching strategy.
Specially for Preschoolers…
  • Touring Interactive Productions for the very youngest of audiences and their families.
  • Age appropriate, affordable School Matinees at local theatres
  • Drama classes and workshops for daycares, preschools, nursery schools, playgroups
  • Custom-made drama-based activities and events at your location
Specially for Elementary School Students
  • Touring Productions
  • School Matinees at local theatres
  • Play-readings and workshops of new works for young audiences
  • Custom-made, drama-based activities and events
Specially for Junior High School Students…
  • In True Pirate Fashion – our issue-based Performance/Workshop (Tours in October/November each year.)
  • Custom-made, drama-based activities, residencies and events
Specially for High School Students…
  • Teen Mentorship – Each summer we cast 15 to 18 year olds to create and perform in our summer touring production alongside professional actors
  • Custom-made, drama-based activities, in-school residencies and events

Contact us to book a currently touring production, to purchase a show ticket or to discuss how your preschoolers or students can EXPERIENCE KOMPANY in a programme created just for them!