Opportunity: Request for Quote

Website designers are invited to submit a proposal that provides Kompany Family Theatre the necessary information to award a contract for the redesign of its website: kompanyfamilytheatre.com. Proposals should be sent electronically to marcher@marcher.ca by Friday, March 27, 2015. Late proposals will not be accepted. All interested designers are encouraged to submit proposals, however Kompany Family Theatre reserves the right … Read More

Squealy Moo Theatre Series

Squealy Moo Theatre Series

The Squealy Moo Theatre Series is a series of special productions designed for the youngest of theatre enthusiasts. These shows are: never longer than 45 minutes involve maximum audience participation focus largely on storytelling feature actors who are trained in interactive theatre for very young audiences. $200 per performance in Edmonton $225 per performance outside of Edmonton The Squealy Moo productions … Read More

Woof and Other Tales of Abigail past

Woof and Other Tales of Abigail

Abigail gets a new pet and sets about to train the perfect dog. The training doesn’t go quite as planned, but through a number of adventures, Woof and Abigail discover that they are perfect for each other. Full of clowning, hilarious antics, music and fun, this play will delight kids from 3 to 103. Written by Andrea Ritter Directed by … Read More

The Missadventurous Perils of Pauline

The Missadventurous Merils of Pauline

While listening to an old radio show, eight year old Pauline is suddenly whisked away to the zany land of Serial Town which is under attack by the League of Evil Doers. Pauline, along with her trusty sidekick, Claude, must save Serial Town and find her way home before the evil doers prevail! Will she be able to save the … Read More

The Wizard that Was, or Was Not…

The Wizard That Was, or Was Not...

Unless the ruling King and Queen successfully handover the throne of their beautiful Catalan Island Kingdom, it will disappear into the azure coloured sea forever. Will the Wizard’s magical blunders be reversed in time? Will the Prince ever return from hunting dragons? Will we find out the secret that will allow the Princess to recover from her mysterious illness? And … Read More

Alberto the Dancing Alligator

Alberto the Dancing Alligator

What happens when a little girl gets a pet alligator for her birthday?! Why, she teaches him to tango, of course! Join Alberto the Dancing Alligator as he embarks on an unforgettable adventure! Cheer on the circus rats, laugh with the joke-telling frogs, and watch Alberto escape the dangers that lurk under the city as he journeys home to his … Read More

Zachary and the Storytelling Stones

Zachary and the Storytelling Stones

By Kristen Finlay Directed by Jan Taylor A young boy stumbles upon ancient Storytelling Stones in the backyard of his new home that draw him into the magical world of a well-told tale. Featuring The Tiger in the Well, How the Bear Got his Tail, The Monkey and the Crocodile, and Cricket and Cougar, Zachary and the Storytelling Stones is … Read More