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A banner showing the text Popsicle Puppets with craft supplies and blue and green paint strokes on a pink background

Watch the instructional video here!

Use craft supplies and cereal boxes to create your own popsicle creatures and shadow puppets!

Gather your craft supplies and get creative!

Choose a background, then put together a puppet show for your family and friends!

Click the button below to share your creations using #KFTpuppets and to see what others have made! Don't forget to include information about your puppets, like their names, their favourite foods, and where they're from.


If you want us to feature your photo on our website or social media posts, tag us @kftheatre.

We can't wait to see what you create!

A blue and red popsicle puppet alien stands propped on a rock with trees in the background
Multi-coloured fuzzy pompoms lay amid fallen leaves and grass at the foot of a tree
A pink and purple popsicle puppet alien eats cereal on a white background
Googly eyes of various sizes nestle within the branches of a leafy green shrub
Multi-coloured crayons are lined up half-buried in a planter next to a leafy herb plant; a wooden stake labels the row as Crayons
Plain popsicle sticks are tucked into the rough bark of a tree; the sun peeks from behind the tree trunk
Bottles of white craft glue sit in a bird's nest nestled in the space between two birch tree branches
Spools of clear tape sit propped in a tree with leafy branches and green grass in the background
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