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Drama Classes for PreSchoolers

We are offering themed classes that feature drama warm-ups, skill building activities, expressive movement to music and structured dramatic play
led by a professional theatre educator.


Available Dates Feb 1 to May 31, 2024

The full offering consists of two introductory classes and five second-level classes.

After at least one introductory class is completed, groups can book any or all of the second-level classes.

Class Fees:

Edmonton & Surrounding Areas (<50km)

Intro Class $175.00

Intro Class with one or more

Second-Level Classes $150.00 each

Beyond 50km negotiable

Class Duration 45 minutes

Introductory Classes

Children are introduced to elements of dramatic play (character, setting, story, movement and voice) in a fun, highly participatory format that prepares them for second-level classes.

Introductory classes available:

Captivating Critters

Snowmen Alive!

Second-Level Classes

Building upon skills and structure learned during the introductory class(es), children have even more fun bringing stories to life.

*prerequisite at least one introductory class

Second-level classes available:

Teeth, Scales & Jungle Tales

Bears at Play

Pirate PLayers

Dramatic Dinos

Finding Dragons

Perfect for three- to five-year-olds at preschool/nursery schools, daycares, children's parties, community programmes and kindergartens.

Specific Requirements:
Adequate and supportive supervision from staff and/or parents.
An open area large enough to accommodate movement.
Maximum 16 children per class.

Classes appropriate for younger or older children are also available!

For more information, contact Gina
(780) 340-9904


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