After two long years of Zooming into your spaces and places, we're ready to run and jump and play and laugh with you all in person again!

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A mysterious creature has arrived on Earth & it looks like it wants to play!

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Now booking for the year end tour for preschools!
JUNE 6 - JUNE 17
And touring Edmonton Area daycares, libraries, and schools
July 1 - August 31!
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A cartoon stack of three small children dressed in colourful clothing and costumes
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Two camp options for kids 3-5 and 6-12 years old!

August 15-19, 2022

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Meet Our Puppet Pals

After many, many years of joining our actors on stage and in schoolyards, libraries, and daycares around Edmonton, a few of our puppet pals are moving on to new adventures.

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To help say goodbye, our puppets are gathering to put together some unexpected videos and skits. Check back soon for photos and behind-the-scenes clips, and, of course, for the final videos!

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