Although we've paused our gatherings and live performances for now, we're still busy working behind the scenes and on your screens.

Explore our current and upcoming productions below.

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An annual hands-on workshop

series for people interested in

writing quality scripts for young audiences.

All writers and all levels are welcome!

Join us June 13 for a showcase of three plays created during our 2021  Workshops!


A banner showing the text Puppets are Essential Too! includes blue and green paint strokes and various craft supplies on a pink background
A pink and purple popsicle puppet alien eats cereal against a white background
A yellow envelope with a rainbow border shows the Popsicle Puppets in Space label
A blue and red popsicle puppet alien stands propped on a rock with trees in the background

Interested in making popsicle puppets?

Let your creativity shine at home using almost any craft supplies and an empty cereal box!

Watch our video here for more puppet inspiration.

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Squealy-Moo Aliens Background_small.jpg
Squealy-Moo the Moose dressed as an astronaut and smiling at the viewer
A green alien peers out from within a flying spaceship
Squealy-Moo Care and Feeding of Aliens W
Squealy-Moo Care and Feeding of Aliens G

July 5 - August 27

Especially suitable for very young audiences 3+ years old and families.

A cartoon stack of three small children dressed in colourful clothing and costumes

Especially for kids age 6 to 12 years old


What a way to spend the summer!

Drama games, scenes, crafts, creating 'n showing off.

Each day, drama activities will be balanced with lots of supervised summer play!

Popping up this summer in a neighbourhood near you!

A cartoon stack of four small children dressed in colourful clothing and costumes
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Sept 13 to Oct 1, 2021

Meet Kompany's newest furry friend in a live-streamed, interactive performance specially created for very young audiences preschool to Grade 2