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Below is a selection of our past productions and touring events.

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A cartoon reindeer and his snowman friend smile at the viewer; the title Jingle Reindeer Finds Holiday Spirit stands against the red background with snowflakes
A mischievous cartoon puppy chews on a red piece of cloth above the title Woof and Other Tales of Abigail; Just how hard can it be to train the perfect dog?
A colourful parrot stands on an open treasure chest overflowing with gold and jewels; a shadowy pirate ship appears on the horizon below the title Adventures of the Squealy-Moo Pirates
Cartoon images depicting various stories and tales surround the title Munsch-O-Rama
Squealy-Moo the Moose smiles at the viewer, surrounded by various bugs and critters; the title Secrets of the Curious Creepy Crawlies splashes across a background of green grass and grey caves
Squealy-Moo the Moose peeks from behind a wooden sign post that says A Squealy-Moo Hoot 'n Holler Hullabaloo; cacti and mountains dot the background
A smiling patchwork orange, red, and pink cartoon cat stands beside his violin in front of a green-blue background
Squealy-Moo the Moose blows a party noisemaker beside a birthday cake; the title A Royal Canadian Moose Birthday Party sits above a lake background where a beaver and a bear play in the distance
Alberto the Dancing Alligator poses on a yellow background with multi-coloured plumbing pipes and a toilet