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Our Puppet Pals

Pigs no BG.png

Created for the PIGS portion of our Munsch-O-Rama production, the Four Little Pigs have been making

us smile since 2017.

So squishy.

So soft.

So pink.

Four Little Pigs

Goat no BG.png

The Numpty Goats joined our team in 2016 when their shenanigans almost stopped Fiddle Cat and the Princess from finding the lost moon and saving their kingdom from a terrible gloom.

Numpty Goats

Fox no BG.png


The Fox came along in 2009 when she helped lonely young Zachary adjust to his new life after he and his parents moved to a new town.

Butterfly purple with dots 2.png
Butterfly yellow with dots_flipped.png
Butterfly orange with dots 1.png
Spoon no BG.png

Spoonella joined the team in 2016 when she helped Fiddle Cat and the Princess save their Kingdom from a terrible gloom.


Frog & Fly no BG.png

We met Mosquito at the same time as Fox when Zachary's family moved to a new town in 2009. Frog joined our team in 2012 after Abigail and Woof found him in a pet store.

Frog & Mosquito

Butterfly purple with dots 1.png
Rats no BG.png

These pesky Rats love to dance to the call of Fiddle Cat's fiddle, coming to the rescue after the Princess gets eaten by Stinky Green Cheese.

The Rats

We met Alberto the Dancing Alligator in 2015 when a little girl received him as a birthday gift. He inspired audiences and learned to tango as he grew from a teeny tot to a full grown 'gator.

Alberto the Alligator

Alberto no BG.png
Alberto Baby no BG.png
Butterfly blue with dots 1.png
Puppet Pals Rat Bros.png

Bruno, Mario, and Franco

(the Fratello della Ratto of the Circo di Slimay)

performed spectacular feats of acrobatics and trapeze to welcome Alberto to the World Under the City.

The Rat Brothers

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