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Squealy Moo Colouring Pages

Our mascot Squealy Moo is always getting up to something! Last summer they were seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages hiding around some of our favourite spots in Edmonton. This year, we're leaving it up to you!

Squealy Moo in Edmonton

Our Squealy Moo is back out exploring the city of Edmonton! Only this time they are hiding in plain sight. This view of the skyline is beautiful, but some colour would make it even better. What does your dream Edmonton skyline look like?

Perhaps it has purple buildings, an orange sky, blue trees, and pink butterflies fluttering about in the air. Maybe the Muttart Conservatory is no longer the one we know, love, and recognize, but more akin to the Egyptian Pyramids. It is up to you! Colour the city and our Squealy Moo the way you wish, we can't wait to see what the Edmonton of YOUR dreams looks like!


Squealy Moo On Stage

Squealy Moo is on stage putting on a performance. What type of show is it you may be wondering? Well it could be anything. Perhaps they are a pirate looking for some long lost treasure and gold off in far away lands, a fairy princess picking flowers for the upcoming ballroom dance, or an alien that's arrived from a land not too different from our own. You write the script, direct the show, and colour the page!

Show us your art!

We would love to see your beautiful creations from these colouring pages. Please send photos of finished artworks to our Facebook and Instagram! You can find us on Facebook as "Kompany Family Theatre" and on Instagram as @kftheatre. Tag us in your art and use the hashtag #SquealyMoo for a chance to be featured here and on our social media! We can't wait to see what you create!

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